Saturday, August 30, 2014

The Making of Bowman

Spirit Siege has a booth at PAX! Time for eye-catching booth decorations. Caitlyn Patten designed the character, I just made her BIG. The game art, because it's game art, was too low res to print at this scale, so I broke out the old scenic painting skills and made us a prop. At first I was reluctant to get this crafty, but less than a day later I was bouncy with excitement and losing sleep gleefully planning methods and materials. Turned out to be a super fun diversion from the usual pixel-tinting.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Spirit Siege - Kickstarter Banners & Reward Sub-Banners

Lots of graphic design for Spirit Siege's Kickstarter page. The main section banners look like the princess example above. Each one features one of Caitlyn's adorable characters.

Below are some of the sub-banners for the Rewards section, where we go into detail about each reward item. I designed these sub-banners to be smaller, less attention-grabbing, and to feel indented, so that it would be clear that you are looking at a sub-section header even when you're deep inside the long long rewards section of page.

There are more examples on our Kickstarter page, but these are the ones where I created the icon art on the left. Caitlyn made the art on the others.